Most gluten-free breads contain a lot of starchy flours: tapioca flour, potato starch and corn starch and added binders like xanthan gum and tapioca maltodextrin. The problem with these ingredients is that they have little or no nutrient value and, in the case of xanthan

gum, can actually cause gut distress.

What makes Lucky Star Bread different is that we have developed our recipe using no ‘empty’ ingredients. No starchy flours, no xanthan gum, no maltodextrin. Only our proprietary blend of whole-grain sorghum, millet, teff and buckwheat.

To that we’ve added the protein punch and mineral goodness of sesame, sunflower and ground flax seeds making our bread the most nutrient dense gluten-free bread on the market.

We also think it is the best tasting. We'd love for you to try it and to tell us what you think.