“As a triathlete and triathlon coach with Celiac Disease, I am always looking for delicious, nutritious food that meets my 3-pronged test... is it gluten free, is it healthy and does it taste amazing? Lucky Star Bread meets my criteria and so much more! I would recommend Lucky Star Bread to anyone who cares as much about what they eat as everything else they do to achieve a healthy lifestyle."


Delta, British Columbia

PS: It is worth crossing the border for this bread!

“Yum! This IS the best gluten free bread I've ever tasted! You were right. I bought a loaf of the raisin version Saturday at the Farmer's Market. I Thank You”

Karen E.

“Deliciousness! Carolyn H. told me about your bread Saturday morning. I purchased 6 loaves Saturday afternoon! I delivered a savory and a sweet loaf to each of my daughters (2) and kept a pair for my hubby and myself. ALL of us LOVE your bread! Thank you for investing so much time to perfect the perfect gluten free bread!”

Mary H.

“I'm absolutely loving the bread I got from you a few days ago.”

April W.

“Max (8 years old - anaphylactic to gluten and tree nuts) loved the bread - he said it was the best bread ever. I have to agree, it’s very good.”

Rosie B.

“My friend and I bought your wonderful savory bread last Saturday at the Farmers Market in Bellingham. Real FOOD. Even though I’m not gluten intolerant, I really appreciate the nutrition you provide in your bread...having the first taste. . . Yumm! We had slices of your savory loaf with smoked Gouda, drizzled with Market late season “mystery” honey for dessert that night and I made avocado toast for lunch yesterday, topped with fresh thinly sliced radish and sprinkled lightly with sea salt! Thanks again for creating such a delicious bread!”

Carol S.

“I purchased a loaf of your bread and shared it with my teammates during our meeting, We loved it!”

Rai H.D.

“I’m in gluten-free bread heaven! Thank you Lucky Star Bread Co. for your beautiful, mindful, nutritionally dense, vegan, goodness!”

Jen D., Certified Holistic Health Coach

“The most amazing, gluten-free bread made right here in Bellingham, WA by Lucky Star Bread Co. Love the yummy fennel anise loaf.”

Tom D.

"Amazing bread.This bread is incredible, the taste and ingredients are superb. Hands down the best bread ever and highly nutritious as well."


Vancouver, British Colombia