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Ancient grain mixes for healthy and delicious baking

Finally, an easy way to make fresh bread and baked goods at home.
Not just gluten-free, but whole-grain too, and no filler flours or gums.
Made with ancient grains, spices, Himalayan salt and coconut sugar.
And without additives like protein isolates or natural flavors.
Old-fashioned recipes reinvented with nutrient-dense ingredients.
Always 100% vegan and free from nuts, sesame and soy.

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With Lucky Star Mixes, gluten-free & vegan baking is easy. We have perfected the flavor and texture of every recipe so that you can enjoy whole-grain bread and baked goods fresh out of the oven.

At Lucky Star Bread Co. we use the highest quality ingredients: organic flours made from ancient grains and seeds, organic coconut sugar, freshly ground organic spices, and Himalayan pink salt.


You will find the ingredients listed on the front of every bag; the directions on the back are easy to follow. Whatever your level of experience in the kitchen, you will love baking with Lucky Star mixes.

Everything we make is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, cane sugar, sesame, nuts and peanuts. We never use rice flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, guar gum, flavors, protein isolates or iodized salt.


We make four varieties of bread mix: Original, Fennel Anise, Cinnamon Raisin and Sandwich Bread. The breads are easy to make - you don't even have to knead the dough! Just add the first bag of flour mix to a bowl of warm water, stir and let sit for 30 minutes. Then add a little apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and the second bag of flour mix. Stir, transfer the dough into an oiled loaf pan, and bake. Your kitchen will soon smell like fresh, warm bread. The bread is soft but sturdy. You can slice it extra thin without worrying about it breaking or crumbling.

We make three baking mixes that can be turned into a variety of muffins and cakes. Each mix is flavored with a different spice blend that pair well with different recipes. You will find two recipes on the back of each package, and many more under the Recipes tab of our website. Our recipes are easy and call for fruits &/or vegetables to be blended into the batter, adding moisture, flavor and extra nutrition to our baked goods. The texture is soft and never crumbly. You can actually break our muffins in half without making crumbs!

carrot cake, banana cake, mango cake

"Even though I’m not gluten intolerant, I really appreciate the nutrition you provide in your bread... having the first taste... Yumm!"

- Carol, customer

"My son has always been an extremely picky eater. He loves these pancakes so much that he regularly fixes them himself. I love to see him choosing a healthy breakfast."

-Gayle, customer


blueberry pancakes

"A friend told me about Lucky Star and since then I have only eaten this healthy, delicious and nourishing bread."

-Eileen, customer

"I didn't know gluten-free muffins could be so delicious until I found Lucky Star! Such a life-saver."

- Cami, customer

lemon blueberry muffins

"To be able to eat without worry and to enjoy every single bite is a rare and beautiful experience for me."
- Kristina, customer



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Lucky Star Circle Label-2.png
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Located in the Skagit Valley, WA

Lucky Star Bread Co.

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