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Lucky Star Bread Co. uses ingredients that are both gentle on your digestion and nutritionally dense. The result is the most nutritious and delicious gluten-free bread you've ever tasted. 



filtered water

organic millet flour

organic sorghum flour

organic buckwheat flour

organic sunflower seeds

organic poppy seeds

organic coconut sugar

organic ground flax seed

organic psyllium husk powder

Himalayan sea salt

dry active yeast


Lucky Star Bread Co. is as much about what is not in our bread as what is

in our bread. First and foremost, there is no gluten. But we go further than that.  We are committed to never using the following top 

allergenic foods: dairy, 

eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat

and soy.

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A look into our ingredients


What Our Customers Say

 “As a triathlete and triathlon coach with Celiac Disease, I am always looking for delicious, nutritious food that meets my 3-pronged test... is it gluten free, is it healthy and does it taste amazing? Lucky Star Bread meets my criteria and so much more! I would recommend Lucky Star Bread to anyone who cares as much about what they eat as everything else they do to achieve a healthy lifestyle."


Delta, British Columbia

"PS: It is worth crossing the border for this bread!"

 "I love Lucky Star bread. I'm a celiac and have struggled to find healthy gluten-free alternatives to wheat bread for decades. A friend told me about Lucky Star and since then I have only eaten this healthy, delicious and nourishing bread. I have not found healthy gluten-free bread anywhere I've gone, even in gluten-free bakeries in Australia, Norway and France, let alone in the U.S."

Eileen - Deming, WA


 "Thank you for making your breads nut free. I am a 19 year old, dairy intolerant gal with a severe nut allergy and I've never experienced bakery-quality bread until your God-tier loaves. I've tried your Cinnamon Raisin and Original. Both of them make me feel like I'm a road traveller on the quest of a lifetime, stopping for my midday meal by the riverside. They are delicious and I can taste the love in 'em. Your bread has opened up a new world for me! I appreciate you guys."

Maddie - WWU student, Bellingham, WA


 "I have been gluten-free for forty years. I have watched the gluten-free bread market grow from laughably inedible to not horrible to pretty darn good. But this bread is fantastic, not only in taste and texture but the ingredients are actually good for us, not just empty calories that hold the shape of a piece of bread. Lucky Star bread is so delicious my gluten-loving husband keeps 'mistaking' my bread for his; this has NEVER happened before, I promise. Thank you, bless you, my deepest gratitude to these lovely baker ladies."

Laura Shelton, ND


 "I'm not exaggerating when I say this bread is a life-saver. Due to a number of health issues, I have been restricted to eating gluten-free and vegan. One of the few pleasures I have in my diet right now is this bread, which I digest without issue. To be able to eat without worry and to enjoy every single bite is a rare and beautiful experience for me. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have this blessed bread! Thank you!"

Kristina Lee Podesva

 "My mom and I love all your bread, her favorite is the fennel anise!" 



 "This bread is loved by all who taste it - packed full of non-GMO, organic and plant happy ingredients - and good for EVERY person because it's not a mass produced, highly processed food. It is worthy of being given as a gift...Like 'Hey, Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary! Now let's make some nutritious toast and coffee and enjoy a simple, healthy life!' 

We found Judy and Lucky Star Bread in Bellingham soon after she started and we thank our lucky stars that we continue to be able to enjoy our favourites - the Cinnamon Raisin as well as the plain loaves of bread (Original). We've always prioritized good-for-the-body-and-mind-food over all the cheap, mass produced, unhealthy food out there - it's just the way we prioritize our limited budget. If you are of a similar mind, and take your health seriously, we recommend you try this bread. Bread that feeds the soul is the food of life."

Andrew + Nanci - Blaine, WA

 "I absolutely loved, loved, loved the pancake mix. It's truly the best I've ever had (and I've had every imaginable gluten free product)."

Tracy - Camino Island, WA


 "We discovered Lucky Star when my husband was having digestive issues and we thought he might be gluten intolerant. We love the sweet, savory and plain versions. Then he found out he actually may have a potato intolerance. Not a problem! We were so excited to find out he can still enjoy Lucky Star Bread because there is no potato starch in it! Thank you for blazing a bakery trail!"

Robin R.


 “Yum! This IS the best gluten free bread I've ever tasted! You were right. I bought a loaf of the raisin version Saturday at the Farmer's Market. I Thank You”

Karen E.

 "I had to go gluten-free, dairy-free, and nightshade-free, which makes things extra complicated since most gluten-free breads are made with potato starch. In addition to that, I also developed an allergy to eggs. I couldn't eat any of my favorite foods anymore! Cake, rolls, bread. . . All gone. For someone whose most-beloved pastime is eating, it was rather depressing. But luckily, we discovered Lucky Star at our nearby Farmer's Market, and now I can eat a sandwich every day; at school, home, etc. Being gluten-free is a bit like a sandwich: no matter which way you eat it, you get the bread first. . . But now the bread tastes good!

Lilo - Squalicum High School, Bellingham, WA

 “Deliciousness! Carolyn H. told me about your bread Saturday morning. I purchased 6 loaves Saturday afternoon! I delivered a savory and a sweet loaf to each of my daughters (2) and kept a pair for my hubby and myself. ALL of us LOVE your bread! Thank you for investing so much time to perfect the perfect gluten free bread!”

Mary H.

 “I'm absolutely loving the bread I got from you a few days ago.”

April W.

 “Max (8 years old - anaphylactic to gluten and tree nuts) loved the bread - he said it was the best bread ever. I have to agree, it’s very good.”

Rosie B.

 “My friend and I bought your wonderful savory bread last Saturday at the Farmers Market in Bellingham. Real FOOD. Even though I’m not gluten intolerant, I really appreciate the nutrition you provide in your bread...having the first taste. . . Yumm! We had slices of your savory loaf with smoked Gouda, drizzled with Market late season “mystery” honey for dessert that night and I made avocado toast for lunch yesterday, topped with fresh thinly sliced radish and sprinkled lightly with sea salt! Thanks again for creating such a delicious bread!”

Carol S.

 “I purchased a loaf of your bread and shared it with my teammates during our meeting, We loved it!”

Rai H.D.

 “I’m in gluten-free bread heaven! Thank you Lucky Star Bread Co. for your beautiful, mindful, nutritionally dense, vegan, goodness!”

Jen D., Certified Holistic Health Coach

 “The most amazing, gluten-free bread made right here in Bellingham, WA by Lucky Star Bread Co. Love the yummy fennel anise loaf.”

Tom D.

 "Amazing bread.This bread is incredible, the taste and ingredients are superb. Hands down the best bread ever and highly nutritious as well."


Vancouver, British Colombia


About Us

I'm Judy Peck, founder of Lucky Star Bread Co. My mother was from the old country. She

was a master in the kitchen, growing her own food and baking our family's bread. When I went off to college, my roommates and I baked bread every week. So, you could say, bread has always been an important part of my life.

I love to create in the kitchen and develop recipes so, when my daughters had digestive issues, I started making food without gluten. Bread was my toughest challenge as gluten is what makes bread bready. But perseverance paid off and the result is Lucky Star Bread. Let me know what you think when you try it. We eat it every day and think it is the best thing since...well...sliced bread.

Our Commitment

At Lucky Star Bread Co. we are committed to making the absolute best gluten-free breads and baked goods that not only taste delicious but actually provide deeply-needed nourishment to our customers. Our commitment to real nutrition is in our DNA. We were raised eating from the earth: food grown in rich, organic soil pulled straight from the garden and cooked up fresh. The way we make our bread is the way we feed our family. There is no corner cutting for us when it comes to feeding the people we love. And there is no compromise in our commitment to making our breads and baked goods the only way we know how: always using the best ingredients, always focused on nourishment, always delivering the freshest products, always making real food that feeds body, heart, mind and soul.  


What We've Learned

Eating gluten-free is a choice made for a variety of reasons.

For some with underlying chronic conditions, it is the only way.

For others, it just feels better to eat a gluten-free diet. 

We don't claim to know everything but here is some of what we've learned from the most reputable sources we know.


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